Customers want real-time clarification and confirmation when they make important choices, purchases, or decisions. They want to speak with someone while browsing your website to answer a quick question before they commit. And at that point they do not want to be looking for calling card to call your landline or mobile number which is not convenient and also expensive for them, your business, therefore needs a way to offer crucial real-time help to customers while they are on your site.

Seanet VoIP Click-to-Call is a web based service which easily converts online clicks to customer’s calls to your company. Increase your sales from your website and keep in touch with your leads with a Click to call button.

Do you have remote worker that travels from one location to another and finding it difficult communicating with the office because of network signal not available, Seanet VoIP click to call allows you to communicate with your remote workers via your website anytime anywhere.

Online retailers who feature click-to-call buttons on their websites report better conversion rates, higher average orders and increased sales. Not only is the button convenient for customers, it also helps the sales teams to close up deal fast.

Website owners don’t need to invest in complex hardware or software to install a Click to Call button. All you need is to add a line in your website code. With a Click to Call button you get leads directly from your website. You pay only for the calls that connect at a very low rate, and the calls are directed to your sales team.

This is fantastic if you have products/services for sale on your website that clients may have questions about or an application form that has some tricky questions. It is also a quick, simple & smart way for a potential customer to contact you with minimal effort.

No more copying down telephone numbers, waiting in call-queues or getting that annoying engaged signal!