Goto sign up page and regiater an account with Seanet VoIP
You can make free calls with Seanet VoIP. To make call to external number you need to buy credit.
We offer the most competitive rates while ensuring decent quality. To make call to external number you need to top up your account first. Also before you make a call you can see information about the cost of the call per minute, it is shown in dollars. Billing is per second.
Any broadband connection is sufficient.
You can subscribe to a local number in any cities around the world. See our full list of International DDI numbers we can provide. It means you can have a voip phone number from almost any country in the world (no matter where you are physically located).
Yes. You will be able to send test messages (SMS) to any mobile in the world for a fraction of usual costs as soon as you sign up.
You will get a free fax number where anyone can send fax to, and you will receive it as PDF file to your email address. You can also read your faxes on our website.
The quality of your calls through Internet telephony technology will be the same as that of your traditional phone but you need a stable internet connection.
It is per second, in dollars, rates are shown per minute.
You can top up your account directly through the application on your device or our website:
No, you don’t. Each package lasts for 30 days and expires after that period with no further costs.
Click on "Users" on the top left, you can easily search for your friends using their email, username or nickname.