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Cloud PBX

Seanet Cloud PBX (also called Cloud intercom) is a complete business phone service utilizing the latest telephony technology: VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol.

Our cloud phone solution for your business revolutionizes your office phone system administration, call management, and user and caller experience with multiple business features—all at a fraction of the cost of outdated PBX hardware..

Our theme offers you unlimited variations to create the site of your dream and that is with a very friendly and easy to use admin panel.

Cloud PBX Benefits

Maintenance and upgrades for free with a Cloud PBX, you don’t need to call technical again for maintenance.
Do need to relocate your offices? Or need to provide remote communications to a satellite office? Don’t change your entire telephony system just connect your devices with you. Your telephony system is still in the cloud and follows you everywhere. You can also easily deploy remote workers: VoIP phone systems allow you to pass an office call to your home phone, or to install a soft phone on your laptop and work from anywhere. In addition, presence features will let you see which of your colleagues are available at any given time.
So many organizations spend lots of money just to connect their branches with the head office, now you don’t have to spend a penny or give yourself the stress again, with Sea-Net cloud pbx, connect all your offices together in respective of their location with the same extension number on a single cloud pbx account.
Sea-Net’s expertise offers you an outrageously affordable solution that connects your business and employees to a host of capabilities that dramatically improve productivity. And with Sea-Net there are no long term contracts, if our Cloud PBX solution does not meet your needs, we do not hold you to it.
Create and modify voicemail inboxes and greetings for large and small businesses with ease. Access your voicemails with the latest tools for receiving messages in the format of your choice.
Collaboration empowers the modern workplace to hold conversations, share files, manage projects, and communicate around the world more productively—as part of your complete cloud communications solution.

Seanet Cloud PBX Features

By using Seanet Cloud PBX for your Business or personal use, you will get the following features:

Call Return and RoutingThe Call Return feature stores the number of the last person who called you and gives you the option of phoning back the caller automatically, while Caller Routing allows incoming calls to be forwarded to different objects, depending on the originating phone number.
Configurable Routing RulesThe Routing Rules are used to manage external calls. You can block, process and route calls depending on the dialed number and the available channels.
Hold and RetrieveYou can use when multiple calls occur at the same time. When you answer the next inbound call or place an outbound call, your current call goes on hold automatically.
Multi-party conferencingSet-up a call/chat instantly with people to enable a quick conferencing with unlimited participants.
ConferenceLocal and international dial in conference bridge numbers allow you to experience a collaborative call and setup in seconds..
Barge-inBarge-in feature allows an authorized team member to join in on an ongoing call. When a barge-in occurs, a three-way call is established among the three parties. Call barge-in is a privacy sensitive feature and the administrator must setup permissions before the feature can be used.
DID (Direct inward Dialing)Direct inward dialing numbers (DIDs) are virtual numbers that allow you to route calls to your existing telephone lines. DIDs were developed in order to be able to assign certain employees a direct number, without requiring multiple physical phone lines.
Hunt GroupThis feature allows you to distribute phone calls to a pre-defined group (hunt group) of extensions numbers. The call can be broadcasted or rotated through the pool of lines until a free line is found and the caller is connected.
Multi Tenant SupportThis feature enables our reseller to deliver reliable, feature-rich and mobile-capable IP-PBX services to business clients and sub-reseller from a single all-in-one solution, which is easily managed from a central web interface.
Caller IDCalls from inside your company display a detailed caller ID that pulls information from your corporate directory, showing you a picture and job title instead of just a phone number.
Restricted Caller IDReject calls from anonymous parties who you have explicitly restricted their Caller ID.
Do Not DisturbAn extension can activate a do not disturb to block incoming calls to a call cascade option. Do not disturb can be used to block calls to an extension & to forward calls to an extension.
Find Me / Follow MeMake calls automatically transferred elsewhere
VoicemailWhen a user receives a voicemail, it will be delivered to their mailbox as an email with the voicemail message as an attachment. Seanet Cloud PBX voicemail includes personalized greeting, message waiting indicator, and reply with call.
Black ListThe Blacklist feature is used to block incoming calls received on specified phone numbers. Black list is also list of unwanted callers
Music on holdPlays music when you place a call on hold, so your callers know you’re still there and the call hasn’t accidentally dropped.
Integrated Dial-PadDial by name or by number anywhere in the search bar and in the dial pad, speeding up the process of making outbound calls.



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Seanet PBX Phone Systems

Seanet Premise Based VoIP Systems

Want to manage your VoIP Phone System ? If so, then a premise based VoIP Phone System from Seanet is the answer to your VoIP Phone System needs. The easiest onsite phone system to deploy, use, scale, manage and maintain.

Premise Based VoIP Benefits

Enhanced Music on Hold lets you play a customized music station for your callers when they're on hold.
Seanet unified communications call control platform is capable of delivering the right experience to the right endpoint.
Plug-and-play easy to install, the system scales to any size without forklift upgrades as you grow
Call control is distributed across all system components but managed with a single-image view
Each extension has its own call forwarding, voicemail and message delivery settings, allowing every employee to customize their extension.
Enhanced reporting applications for real-time work-group monitoring, report automation and other custom reports
Record any phone call you want and choose which calls you want to save. You can set which calls are recorded and which are ignored.
Contact Center applications add additional functionality to agent dashboards, enhanced IVR performance, additional
Eliminates phone system complexity, dramatically reducing IT resources dedicated to managing the phones Intuitive for everyone to use, with superior sound and handset ergonomics.
Company Directory provide added convenience for you and your callers. Simply enter your employee names, and callers can search for them by first or last name.


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Seanet VoIP

Click 2 Call

Seanet Click-to-Call is a web service which easily converts online clicks to customer’s calls to your company. Increase your sales from your website and keep in touch with your leads with a Click to call button.

Click 2 Call Benefits

Offer instant toll free calls for your website visitors
Conveniently make calls by clicking any number in your online account, including contacts, messages, and call logs.
Simple web based access to the control panel, allowing quick and easy configuration of your system
This is a completed cloud solution, the only thing you need to do is add a link to your website

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DID Services

What is a DID number & how does it work?
DID stands for direct inward dialing, and is simply put a telephone number that you can call locally, and your call will then be connected via Voice over IP to anywhere in the world. Have your own local phone number in any city or country worldwide. Showing a local number to visitors at your web site increases trust and sales. Incoming calls are forwarded anywhere worldwide at the cost of a local call.

DID Benefits

Route calls to any VoIP destination or divert calls to any phone number worldwide.
No incoming call or roaming charges for receiving calls anywhere in the world.
Setup Fax to Email using any of your virtual numbers.
Straight to business upon arriving in any country, no need of waiting to get sim card.
Our service provides DID numbers at low monthly costs with multiple channels and routing options. We enable cloud communications providers, international carriers, and enterprise contact centers to extend the reach of their voice network internationally, rapidly, and at minimal cost.
We offer DID resellers the opportunity to integrate the ordering and provisioning of DID services via our web portal or API. By adding DID lines to their portal, resellers can expand their own customer base and open new market revenue streams.
One number encompasses all communication channels, including voice, text, and fax.
Never miss a call, text, or fax; customers will never hear a busy signal, even if you’re on the phone or receiving a fax transmission.



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SIP Trunking

SIP trunking is a service that enables your in-house IP PBX or analog PBX to send and receive VoIP calls. VoIP reduce your phone bill up to 80% with cheaper call rates, savings from reduction of fixed lines and other contract fees

Looking for a SIP provider? You are in the right place, use our SIP service on your PBX, IP server, IP phone or any other SIP enabled device or system.

SIP trucking is a method of delivering voice telephony services and unified communication from a VoIP service provider to customers using SIP enabled exchanges. Seanet offers the best and quality SIP trunk for both inbound and outbound calls to start using VoIP.

Add or remove channels with ease.
Works with any SIP or SIP enabled PBX.
Bring your numbers with you.
G.729/G.711 Codecs supported
Call Data Records (CDRs) can be useful in understanding your true communications needs and also give you a view of business activities.
Quick and EASY SIP Configuration
Low per- second rates and great voice quality
Up to 100 simultaneous channels for outbound or inbound calls per SIP trunk



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SeanetVoIP Call Centre Solution

SeanetVoIP comes with a built-in sophisticated call centre solution flexible enough for most customer needs. It allows businesses to increase agent productivity, improve team communication visibility, efficiently route customer calls to appropriate departments, and help desks or sales teams.

The solutions can be expanded to suit more sophisticated call centres in combination with Panasonic’s Communication Assistant and third party CTI applications.

Start to and enjoy:

  • Efficient staffing so your customers don’t remain on hold
  • Automated call-back and responses to your incoming callers
  • Increased call resolution through advanced call routing options

Call Centre Benefits

Skills Based routing matches callers with the call center agents who can meet their needs.
Eliminate long hold times. Virtual Queue lets waiting callers opt out of the hold queue without losing their place in line, and receive a callback as soon as an agent becomes available.
Professional, affordable voice recording services for your auto attendant or Interactive Voice Response (IVR). From telephone prompts to voicemail and message on-hold recordings, make sure your business presents a consistent, professional voice for your clients and customers.
Build stronger relationships between customers and agents with Personal Agent Connect. Agents can provide a direct phone number to a customer allowing them close sales and resolve support tickets more quickly, with higher success rates.
ACD helps productivity by assigning inbound agents to incoming calls. The automatic call distributor uses a set of instructions to determine which of the agents get the call in the system. The algorithm can route calls based on agent skill or whoever has an idle phone.
Virtual pools of agents can be created that span the globe, and can log in from anywhere
Ensure quality by monitoring agent performance with both historical and real-time reporting


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